Anonymous: As you are a bit of an expert do you have any advice on how to enjoy anal sex? My bf and I have been regularly fucking for about 6 months but it tends to just leave me uncomfortable and a bit sore.

The best advice I can give is to take control if you’re the person getting fucked…a top can force his dick in all he wants but it’s never really going to work if the bottom isn’t comfortable.

Anal is something to work up to if you’re a beginner, so just take it slow, maybe try out some small toys or butt plugs and help yourself loosen up a bit.

When it comes to the actual fucking try taking deep breaths and pushing back on his cock as you slowly exhale, this will help you to relax, and the more you can master this the faster you’ll be able to take dick in the future!
Also, use as much lube as you need…you can seriously never have enough lube, and silicone based lube is best, it’s slicker and lasts way longer.

Anonymous: Hey, I just wanted to stop by and leave you a little message to say that your blog is incredible and that you are gorgeous.. Hope that you are having a good day. Peace :) R

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