I have a little heart monitor diary I have to write in whenever I have a cardiac episode.
I really want to have a wank now and I’m wondering whether I should just say…

omg, i just saw that someone reflagged a picture of me and added:

︻╦╤─ pale boys here ─╤╦︻

bigboyload replied to your post: Ugh. I have to go and get a cardiac ho…

Why ur heart need monitoring?

Super boring. I have an irregular heartbeat, and it makes me susceptible to blood clots and fibrillation.
I had a kind of operation one a while back to put my heart back into the correct rhythm, but recently it’s been acting up again and I’m getting the monitor fitted to see what’s going on.

Ugh. I have to go and get a cardiac holter (heart monitor) fitted tomorrow to wear for the next week, so I can’t have sex or whatever because I’ll be a tangle of wires.